Friday, September 21, 2018

Memo to American Conservative Evangelicals

Many American evangelicals have given their support to President Donald Trump, even though Trump's policies are contrary to the teachings of Christianity.  I do not pretend to be a Biblical scholar, but I am well aware of the basic tenets of Christianity. They been made crystal clear by Jesus Christ.  He commanded us to "Love your neighbour as yourself."  He made no restrictions as identity of our "neighbour."  This is evident in the beautiful parable of The Good Samaritan.  Without exception, all human beings are our neighbours.

The American president stirs up hate against immigrants, both documented and undocumented.  He enables white supremacists to spew their venom against African Americans, Muslims, Jews, Latinos and others.  He has detained the children of suspected illegal border crossers, separating innocent babes from their parents.

In the Book of Genesis, humans are called to be stewards of the Earth.  Yet, the Trump administration has shown no regard for the environment.  He encourages the use of fossil fuels and the useof dirty and non-renewable resources such as coal.. In fact, he is a cheer leader for the revitalization of the coal mining industry.  The president makes fun of wind turbines and refers to them as windmills in a derogatory fashion.  He thinks that climate change is a hoax, even though the Earth is burning.

President Trump spurs hatred and division.  He does this at a time when the United States and the rest of the world need to build bridges, not walls.  His actions have encouraged white supremacists and bigots.  As the great English poet John Donne put it, "No man is an island."  That is why I have difficulty understanding how Christians can vote for such a politician as Donald J. Trump..  He is the Great Divider.

As the November 6th midterm elections draw closer, I hope you will give some thoughtful consideration to what I have written.

- Joanne

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