Friday, December 22, 2023

Christmas Foods and Delicacies Quiz

Christmas Foods and Delicacies Quiz

Number 16 presents a multiple choice quiz on Christmas food from around the world.  There are ten questions to test your knowledge of Christmas cuisine.  Good luck!

1.  Plum pudding 

A.   A Christmas bread with raisins and plums

B.    A plum wine served at Christmas in Britain

C.    An Irish fruit pudding with peaches and plums

D.   A dessert of plums and ice cream served in Britain

E.   A sweet, dried-fruit pudding traditionally served at Christmas in Britain.

2.  Panettone

A.  A pasta

B.  An Italian soup served at Christmas

C.  An Italian type of sweet bread

D.  An Italian ice cream

E.   An Italian Christmas wine

3.  Pozole

A.  A classic Mexican soup

B.  A South American Christmas dessert

C.  A fruit served served at Christmastime in Spain

D.  A Christmas beef dinner in Peru

E.  A chicken Christmas specialty in Chile

4.  Ceviche

A.  A Christmas bread popular in Spain

B.  A Christmas soup served in Portugal

C.  A spicy Christmas Caribbean dish 

D.  A popular seafood Christmas dish in Peru

E.  A South American dessert

5.  Golubtsi

A.  A Dutch cheese served at Christmas

B.  Stuffed cabbage rolls, popular in Russia at Christmas

C.   A Turkish Christmas bread

D.  A popular Christmas dessert in Hungary

E.   A Polish Christmas appetizer

6.  Mopane worms

A.  A kind of Christmas soup in the West Indies

B.  A popular Christmas treat in Southern Africa

C.   A Christmas dessert in Mexico

D.  A Christmas appetizer in South America

E.   A Greek Christmas liqueur

7.  Rooster Doro Wat

A.  A renowned Ethiopian Christmas dish

B.   An African Christmas soup

C.   A Christmas appetizer, popular in Uganda

D.   A Christmas punch, a popular drink in Cuba

E.    A Christmas dessert, often served in Jamaica

8.  Fatah

A.  An ancient Christmas oatmeal dish

B.   A Mideastern soup served at Christmas

C.  A Christmas dish with origins in Egypt

D.  A Christmas desert in Madagascar

E.   A  Christmas biscuit in Nigeria

9.  Nyama Choma

A.  A Christmas dessert in the Philippines

B.  A Christmas soup in the Phiippines

C.  A Christmas vegetable dish in Kenya

D.   A Christmas seafood dish in the Philippines

E,  A classic Christmas meat dish in Kenya

10.  Cepelinai

A.  A popular Christmas candy in Latvia

B.   A Christmas soup in Croatia

C.  A Lithuanian Christmas dish

D.  Estonian biscuits served at Christmas

E.   A Romanian Christmas dessert


1.  E

Plum pudding, also known as Christmas pudding.
  A sweet, dried-fruit pudding traditionally served at Christmas in Britain.  The classic plum pudding recipe calls for the pudding (or fruitcake) to be steamed.  It is soaked with brandy or sherry sauce.  Despite its name, plum pudding does not contain any plums. It calls for fruits such as raisins, sultanas, currants, diced apple, prunes and dried apricots.  The name "plum pudding" is thought to have originated from the pre-Victorian use of the work "plum" as a term for raisins or other dried fruits.

2.  C  

Panettone: An Italian type of sweet bread, speckled with raisins, citrus, almonds with a buttery texture..  It is commonly served at Christmas and during the winter.  It originated in Milan.

3. A

Pozole: A classic Mexican soup, popular at Christmas.  The soup has rich, cultural significance.  Preparing pozole on Christmas Eve is a way of sharing with family and friends.  Pazole contains Hominy corn.  Either pig or chicken are cooked in a spicy broth.  Its red and green colours contribute to the joyful atmosphere of Christmas.

4.  D

Ceviche: A popular seafood Christmas dish in Peru.  Christmas falls during the summer in Peru.  The spicy flavour of ceviche is ideal for the warm weather.  It consists of fresh seafood marinated in lime or bitter orange juice, topped with onions,  jalapeƱo peppers, and cilantro.

5.  D

Golubtsi:   Stuffed cabbage rolls, served in Russia at Christmas.  They are a popular Christmas Eve lunch in Russia.  The cabbage leaves are stuffed with ground pork and rice and then cooked in a tomato sauce.

6.  B

Mopane Worm:   A popular Christmas treat in Southern Africa, especially in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.  The insects are full of protein and are caught and sun-dried before being rehydrated and cooked in different ways, often with onions, tomatoes and spices.

7.  A

Rooster Doro Wat:  An Ethiopian Christmas dish.  Doro Wat is a fiery chicken stew and is frequently served with a rooster, signifying the birth of Christ.

8.  C

Fatah: A Christmas dish with ancient Egyptian origins, part of Coptic Christian tradition.  Fatah consists of layers of rice, pita bread and lamb, topped with garlic-tomato sauce and finished with yogurt, crispy fried bread, and almonds.

9.  E

Nyama Choma:  A classic Christmas dish in Kenya.  It is made by grilling or roasting meat, usually goat, beef or chicken, and seasoned with local spices.

10.  C

Cepelinai: A Lithuanian dish, consisting of large potato dumplings, filled with meat, cheese or mushrooms.  It is a popular Christmas custom in Lithuania and highlights the importance of potatoes in Lithuanian cuisine.  

- Joanne