Friday, June 27, 2014

For flower and garden lovers: Photos of Royal Botanical Gardens

On Saturday, June 21st, I visited the sprawling Royal Botanical Gardens.  Located in Burlington, Ontario (it also includes lands in Hamilton, Ontario)., RBG is Canada's largest botanical garden with a network of over 37 kilometres (almost 23 miles) of nature trails and floral displays.

The Royal Botanical Gardens was originally built as a make-work project during the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Today it is a National Historic Site that protects environmentally sensitive habitats.  It is also a great source of education for the public and school children.about the significance of plants and nature.

Here are some pictures from my visit to RBG.

Vegetable Gardens

Hendrie Park

Hendrie Park is home to extensive rose gardens and reflecting pools.

Turner Pavilion Tea House in Hendrie Park

The Morrison Woodland Garden in Hendrie Park

The Mediterranean Room (in the Royal Botanical Gardens Centre)

The Laking Garden

The Laking Garden contains collections of iris and peony species and cultivars.  There are also collections of hostas, day lillies and ornamental grasses.

The Royal Botanical Gardens is an absolute delight.  There is so much to explore and discover that one
visit is not nearly enough to see everything.  I did not have time to see the Arboretum with its diverse collection of lilac species and cultivars.  The Arboretum also has crabapples , dogwoods, magnolias and tree-lined paths.

- Joanne