Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Saturday in Stratford, Ontario and dinner at Fellini's Italian restaurant

Gazebo in Shakespearean Gardens in Stratford

Yesterday (June 24, 2017), I attended the induction ceremonies at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in  St. Mary's Ontario.  I try to get there every June.  It's a must for Canadian baseball fans. Since Vladimir Guerrero was one of the inductees this year, there were many Montrealers there.  Afterward I visited Stratford, Ontario, located in Perth County in southwestern Ontario.  Stratford is the home of the popular Stratford Festival, an annual celebration of theatre.

I dined at Fellini's Italian restaurant, a well-known eatery in the city.  There were many festivities going on in Stratford that day, including a rib fest.  I also took a stroll through the Shakespearean Gardens along the Avon River. The only disappointment was that the river was rather muddy, I assume from all the rain this spring.

Fellini's, dedicated to famed Italian film director Federico Fellini, is my favourite restaurant in Stratford.  I dined there, on the patio.

The interior of Fellini's (above) is filled with posters of Fellini's films

war memorial

People enjoying the rib fest can be seen in the photos above and below.

- Joanne