Sunday, May 9, 2010

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010 - A Happy Mother's Day to all mothers today, especialy to my own mother - Frances Lima.

Today is the birtday of one of my favourite musicians. Billy Joel was born this day in 1949. Happy Birthday Piano Man.

My beloved Blue Jays lost to the Chicago White Sox last night, breaking a five-game winning streak. The 2010 Jays are a young and upcoming team. I just wish more people would show up at the dome. There are too many fair-weather fans in Toronto. There are also too many people who merely follow the trends. If it's trendy to be seen at a Jays game, you'll seen them there. My friends, these are not true fans. Some of them used the 1994 strike as an excuse to abandon the Jays. That was 1994 - get over it.

Note : If the Jays want to attract more fans, they might consider lowering the cost of concessions. The prices for snacks at the dome are ridiculously expensive. It's highway robbery, pure and simple.

The NHL playoffs are quite interesting this year. Although Montreal lost yesterday, I can't believe the Habs have gone this far. Obviously, Obviously, if they defeat Pittsburgh, it would be a tremendous upset. It would shake things up and break everything wide open.

- Joanne

Photo of Toronto skyline at night

The skyline of Toronto