Friday, October 13, 2023

Good news: Something to make you feel better


Are you as sick and tired of all the bad news as I am?  Some days I wake up and I think the world is going stark-raving mad.  The recent ongoing wars between Russia and Ukraine and  Israel and Hamas, the hateful right-wing militancy, the political circus in the United States involving the Republican Party and Trump, and the ravages of climate change, are all very disconcerting and scary.  That is why on this Friday the 13th, I would like to brighten your day (and my day) by sharing some good news with you.  It's something you can cheer about.

Scientists believe that they have found one of the causes of autism.  This breakthrough could lead to treating serious neurological disorders in children such as autism and schizophrenia.  American researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have discovered that brain inflammation in youngsters may be the source of the disorders.  This could open the door to new treatments.

According to a Microsoft News (MSN) article by Stephen Beech, for the first time, scientists have learned that inflammation alters the development of brain cells and could be linked to neurodevelopmental disorders  Beech writes, "Using single-cell geonomics to study the brains of children who died from inflammatory conditions, such as bacterial or viral infections or asthma- along with those who died in a sudden accident, the research team found inflammation in early childhood prevents specific neurons in the cerebellum from maturing completely.

I am encouraged by anything that gives hope to children and youth.  They, along with women, suffer the most from war and discord.  We need some good news right now.  If you have some good news to share with me, I promise I will post it on this website, as it is factual.  I invite you to send your contributions to me.  Of course, we can't just close our eyes and completely shut out what's going on in the world.  However, sometimes we need a break, a respite from all the horror.  Every drop in the bucket helps.

- Joanne