Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Atkins has got to go

Ross Atkins

“I think it has been overall frustration.  There wasn’t one guy who was more frustrated than anybody else. I think it was (the recognition) from everybody that something’s got to change. If we keep doing this (a tear-down will happen.) Nobody here wants that. If that were to happen, I think that would be the greatest regret for all of us.”

- Kevin Gausman 

Pitcher Kevin Gausman addressed the current struggles of the 2024 Toronto Blue Jays.  Yesterday the Jays were defeated 5-0 by the woeful Chilcago White Sox.  They could only muster two hits and they were booed by fans.  The White Sox are celllar dwellers in the American League Central, while the Jays are currently in last place in the much tougher AL East.  

Kevin Gausman

The Blue Jays have a dismal 21-26 record and are 10.5 games back of the division leading New York Yankees.  Their winning percentage is a mere .447.  I find it difficult to be optimistic about this team.  The fact is, they are just not good enough.  They are not consistent and they are not hitting.  Gausman said that "something's got to change."  It sure does.  Here's what needs to change.  Frankly, Ross Atkins has got to go.  As GM, he has to accept responsibility for the dismal performance of the team this season and their lack of success in the playoffs.

Atkins is the general manager.  He did little to improve the team during the off season.  Yes, the Jays made a fruitless attempt to acquire Shohei Ohtani, and they were used as a pawns.  Ohtani always intended to sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  When the Jays failed to land him, they didn't seem to try very hard to find another slugger.  Atkins knew the Jays needed some more hitters, but he failed to do the job.  Instead, he counted on Vladdy and Bo to have better seasons.  That hasn't happened.  They are coming around somewhat, but not enough.

Atkins has been preaching patience, but o be blunt, I really don't think the Jays cam turn things around.  They are not good enough to be contenders, and I don't think they can catch New York and Baltimore.  It's Atkins' team, and it just not good enough.  It was Atkins' decision to trade Gabriel Mareno and build an unbalanced squad with some good defence and not nearly enough offence.  It's time Atkins accepted responsibility for that.  Firing John Schneider and making him the fall guy, won't fix the problem.

I don't think the answer is to tear everything down, but there has to be a change in direction.  2024 appears to be a lost season for the Blue Jays.  The team needs to move in a new direction, beginning with a new general manager.

- Joanne