Thursday, September 9, 2010


For more than two years now, I have been associated with an organization called Toronto ALPHA (Association for Learning and Preserving the History of World War II in Asia). In 2008, I went on a study tour to China and South Korea with this group. They promote human rights, reconciliation between China and Japan and the study of the history of World War II in Asia. This organization was founded by the highly respected Dr. Joseph Wong.

From Oct. 1, 2010 until October 3, 2010, Toronto ALPHA will be holding an international conference for educators on the history of World War II in Asia. It is called Forgotten Voices, Living History. The conference will be held at the University of Toronto, OISE. I urge teachers, students and anyone with an interest in history and human rights to attend. Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada will be the keynote speaker. For more information click this link.


Rosh Hashanah or the Jewish New Year began at sundown yesterday and will continue until tomorrow, September 10.  It is a celebration of the beginning of the Hebrew calendar year 5771.  Although I am not of the Jewish faith, I have a great affinity for the Jewish people and I wish all my Jewish friends and readers a very Happy Rosh Hashanah.


Rosh Hashanah is a Hebrew term meaning literally "head of the year".


The late Tom Cheek, radio broadcaster of the Toronto Blue Jays, deserves to be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Tom died of cancer in 2005, but he will always be remembered in Canada, and especially in Toronto. You can vote for Tom Cheek to win the Ford C. Frick Award at
I strongly encourage you to do so.


The Blue Jays had their September call-ups in the line-up yesterday and were soundly beaten 8-1 by the Texas Rangers. Fewer than 11,000 fans attended the game.

My admiration for Jose Bautista as an athlete and a team leader keeps on growing. The man is one smart baseball player and the Jays are fortunate to have him. On Tuesday, he stole third base on an intentional walk. Has anyone ever seen that done before? If so, let me know.

If Bautista were playing on a contending team, he would certainly have to be considered for most valuable player in the American League. I can’t think of any player more valuable to the Jays this year. At this point, I have another question for you. Do you think the MVP should play on a contending team? If you have any thoughts on that subject, I’d like you to contact me.

Brickbats to Rogers Communications for the Sportsnet 1 debacle.  You can make all the excuses you want, but the truth is you have disappointed and angered many loyal Blue Jay fans. - especially seniors who look forward to watching the Jays on television.  That is no way to treat them.  Why was the Tampa Bay game being shown last night when OUR Toronto Blue Jays were playing at the same time?

- Joanne