Tuesday, September 7, 2010



I have some news for you today.  Number 16 has its own website now.  You can access my blog by typing the following web address http://www.joanne16.com/.  Please bookmark it on your computer.

I would like to thank all my readers for their support and interest since I began this blog in May.  I appreciate your interest and continue to seek your input.  I invite you to check out a few features I have added to my new website.  You will find a daily health tip, a calendar and some beautiful travel photos.


It's back to school today for many of us.  My niece is starting high school and by nephew is a first-year university student.  I wish them, and all students and teachers, the best of luck in the new school year.


Queen Elizabeth I of England was born on September 7, 1533, 477 years ago today. The daughter of the legendary Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, she ruled from 1558 until her death in 1603 at the age of 69. She was only the second female to rule England.  Her half-sister, Mary I (the infamous “Bloody Mary”), had that distinction – unless you count Lady Jane Grey, the ``nine-day wonder`` who was queen regnant for nine days in 1553 and was forced to resign. The unfortunate Lady Jane was executed in 1554.

Elizabeth I ruled for over 44 years. She never married and left no direct heir. At her death, the Tudor dynasty came to an end. She was succeeded by the Scottish King James VI who became James I of England. James was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, grand-niece of Henry VIII and thus, Elizabeth’s cousin. During her lifetime, Elizabeth never came face to face with Mary, Queen of Scots. However, she did everything in her power to prevent the Catholic Mary from ascending to the throne of England. Elizabeth placed Mary under house arrest for 19 years. In 1587, The Queen of Scots was beheaded for plotting against Elizabeth and Elizabeth signed the death warrant for the execution. In an ironic twist of fate, Mary`s Protestant son, James came to the throne upon the childless Elizabeth`s death.


I saw the movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page yesterday.  It has been in theatres for a while, but I haven├Ęt gotten around to seeing it until now.  I quite enjoyed the film, although I have to say it is one of  the most complex movies I have ever seen.  You really have to concentrate because it is so complicated.  If you have not seen it yet, I suggest that you do not watch it if you are feeling tired or you are not in the mood to concentrate.  The visuals are impressive and I think it should receive an Oscar nomination for best visual effects.  Inception may not appeal to all tastes, but I recommend it.


The Toronto Argonauts lost the annual Labour Day Classic to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats yesterday before a sold-out Ivor Wynne Stadium crowd of 30,319.  Hamilton defeated the Argos by a score of 28-13.  The Tabbies won because the Argos made some costly errors.  Although I wish the outcome had been different yesterday, the rivalry between the Argos and Tiger-Cats is a great one.  Through the years, I have only attended one Labour Day Classic at Ivor Wynne.  That was the 2004 game that ended in a 30-30 tie in overtime.

Unlike the Argos, the Blue Jays  recorded a win yesterday.  They defeated the Texas Rangers by a score of 7-2 in the first game of a home series.  Ricky Romero pitched seven solid innings.

- Joanne