Monday, October 22, 2018

12 Features of a Neighbour's House That Can Devalue Your Home

The following infographic describes 12 features of  a neghbour's house that can devalue your home.  It provides a list of maintenance issues, the percentage of their effect on the value of your home and the effect of their value on the average UK home. (Note: This infographic was issued by a British company and its financial statistics are in British pounds, as are its other statistical information.).  It also features graphics on the five most costly features of a neighbour's house and reasons why you have difficulty selling your home.

I hope you find this infographic informative and useful.  Please keep in mind that it contains facts and tips that are relevant to homeowners everywhere, not just UK residents.

- Joanne

-130K Neighbours by Powertools2U.

An Open Letter to John Tory, Mayor of Toronto #4

This is is the fourth and final installment in a series of open letters to Mayor John Tory regarding the serious issues facing the city of this fall's municipal election.  The election will be held on Monday, October 22, 2018.

Dear Mayor Tory,

Today is voting day.  It marks the end of a very lacklustre and confusing municipal election in Toronto.  Sadly, Premier Doug Ford marred the election by his uncalled-for interference.  He shouldn't have cut the number of councillors so close to election day.  His actions threw many people for a loop and confused many voters.  I wish you had been more passionate in your opposition to Ford's move.  I'm not saying you should have screamed and shouted.  I doubt that would have changed Ford's mind.  I'm just saying that you should have been more forceful in standing up to his bullying tactics. 

Mr. Mayor, you have a commanding lead in the polls.  You are expected to win handily over your closest rival, Jennifer Keesmaat, Toronto's former chief planner.  According to a Forum Research Poll taken on October 9th, you have 56 per cent support.  Keesmaat has 29 per cent and other candidates have 15 per cent.  I must say, I was disappointed that you declined to have a one-on-one debate with Keesmaat.  Obviously, as the front runner, you were playing it safe.  Yet, I can't help but feel that voters were deprived of the opportunity to see the two of you face each other.  At any rate, she kept you on your toes a bit.  The campaign was sleepy enough, but without Keesmaat, it would have been a real snoozefest.  North America's fourth largest city deserves much more than that.

One of the reasons you were elected four years ago was that Torontonians were sick and tired of the circus surrounding the late Rob Ford.  Voters wanted a mayor who was dignified and who would not embarrass them.  This time, you are not campaigning to replace Rob Ford.  If you are re-elected, as expected, you will have another four years to guide Toronto in the right direction and to produce some results more quickly and efficiently.  This is a great city, but there is far to much homelessness and poverty.  More affordable housing and a downtown relief line arre urgently needed.  If voters reward you with four more years as mayor, I hope you deliver - for Toronto's sake.