Monday, May 31, 2010

MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010


"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money."

- Cree Proverb

I've never liked the expression "tree hugger." There's a negative connotation to it and it can be used in a derogatory fashion. People don't come right our and say it, but what they really mean when they are referring to "tree huggers" is that those who express a great concern for the environment are flakey and out in left field. One of the things I've always admired about aboriginals is their great respect for nature and their love of the land. If that's being a tree hugger, then count me in. As Joni Mitchell once sang, "You don't know what you got till it's gone."


The Blue Jays won again yesterday over Baltimore, and the brooms were out. With their 6-1 victory, the Jays swept the series. I know Baltimore is a struggling team, but a W is a W. These are the games that have to be won. Congratulations to Ricky Romero for pitching a complete game and also to Jose Bautistia. Bautista is on fire! He hit his league-leading 16th home run of the year.

Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game on Saturday. Good for Doc and what a great pitcher he is! To bad he didn't accomplish that feat in a Jays uniform. As all dedicated Blue Jay fans know, no Blue Jay pitcher has ever thrown a perfect game. Dave Stieb pitched a no-hitter in September of 1990 and he is the only pitcher in Jays history to do so.

Chicago won the first game of the Stanley Cup finals and I am pleased about that.

- Joanne

Saturday, May 29, 2010

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2010

Hello Sixteeners. This will be my final correspondence from Quebec City as I am going home tomorrow. I will be spending much of Sunday on a train. However, before I leave this beautiful city, I would like to mention another of my favourite places here. It is a bistro, a wine and cheese bar. It's called Le Pape Georges and it's located in the Quartier Petit Champlain.

On this day in 1917, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. It's hard to believe that if he were alive today, JFK would be 93 years old. File that under TIME FLIES.

Three big names in the entertainment world passed away this week. Art Linkletter died at 97 years of age. A native of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Linkletter was a classy guy and had a great rapport with cbildren. His was the gentle humour of a more innocent era in television. Gary Coleman suffered a brain hemorrhage and died at only 42 years old, another victim of what I call the Child Star Syndrome. Actor Dennis Hopper succumbed to prostate cancer. He was 74. Here's a bit of trivia about Dennis Hopper: In 1964, five years before Easy Rider, he appeared in an episode of Petticoat Junction. The episode was entitled "Bobby Jo and the Beatnik" and Hopper played the beatnik. Rest In Peace Art, Gary and Dennis.

On a lighter note, I see that singer Willie Nelson has shorn his trademark long locks. Looking good, Willie. It was time for a change in hairstyle.


My Blue Jays just keep rolling along. They won the second game of their series against the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 5-2 today. Brett Cecil pitched a good game. The only disappoinment was the attendance at the dome. - just over 16,000. That is not great for a Saturday afternoon game. Come on fans! Come on out and support your team!

The Stanley Cup finals begin tonight in Chicago. Regular readers of Number 16 know that I'm cheering for the Blackhawks over Philly.

- Joanne

Friday, May 28, 2010

Visit to Grosse-Ile

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

Bonjour from Quebec City

Well, Sixteeners, today I took a boat ride to Grosse-Ile. That's the place where the Irish immigrants landed when they came to Canada during the potato famine. There was a terrible tragedy in 1847 when so many died of typhus on Grosse-Ile. They are buried on the island and there is a huge Celtic cross to honour them. It was erected in 1909 and it is the largest Celtic cross outside of Ireland. There is also a memorial wall that lists the names of the dead. If you are in the Quebec City area, I recommend that you visit Grosse-Ile. It's even more poignant if you are of Irish ancestry. I am not of Irish ancestry, but my husband is. His great-great grandfather Matthew Madden died in Toronto in 1912, but so far we have been unable to trace his parents. We do not know the name of the town or city they came from in Ireland. Nor do we know if they died at sea or on Grosse-Ile.

On this day in 1934, the Dionne quintuplets were born in Callander, Ontario, near the village of Corbeil. A Depression-weary public was intrigued by these five little girls. Sadly, only two of the sisters survive today - Annette and Cecile.


The Blue Jays snapped a losing streak by defeating the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 5-0. They are back on track.

- Joanne

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More from Quebec City


Hello again from Quebec City

It's been unusually hot and humid in the Quebec capital. We had thunderstorms last night. Yesterday my husband and I lunched at one of our favourite restaurants here. It's located in the heart of Old Quebec and it's called Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens. I ordered tortiere and it was a real treat for me because I never eat tortiere back home in Ontario. There is a great museum in Quebec City called Musee de la civilisation where we saw a fascinating exhibit on the development of human thought, language and the brain. The name of the exhibit is "Copyright humain."  Today we plan to have a picnic lunch on the historic Plains of Abraham.

Several giants in the entertainment world were born on May 26th. James Arness of Gunsmoke fame was born on this day in 1923. John Wayne was born Marion Morrison on May 26, 1907 in rural Iowa. Singer Peggy Lee was born Norma Egstrom in Jamestown, North Dakota on May 26, 1920. Al Jolson claimed to be born on May 26, 1886, but produced no documentation to verify this claim. Jolson was born Asa Yoelson in the Lithuanian region of Imperial Russia. On May 26, 1912, Canadian-born Jay Silverheels, the man who played the Lone Ranger's sidekick Tonto, came into this world . His birth name was Harold J. Smith and he was a Mohawk who was born on the Six Nations Reservation in Brantford, Ontario.


My Blue Jays didn't do well last night in Anaheim. They lost 8-3 to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Boy oh boy! What a long-winded, awkward name for a team! Why don't they just call themselves the LA Angels or the Anaheim Angels? It must be for marketing purposes that they include both LA and Anaheim in the their name. Whatever they're called, they clobbered us last night. Ricky Romero just didn't have it. What a disappointment for him because he's from LA and his family and friends were in attendance.

Well, Habs fans, have you recovered yet? If it's any consolation, I can tell you it could be worse. YBoyou could be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Remember that Les canadiens performed far better than expected and they defeated two powerhouses in Washington and Pittsburgh. I know! I know! It wasn't as sweet as winning the Stanley Cup, but you have to admit it was a great ride. Now I just hope Chicago defeats Philly

- Joanne


Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria Day

MONDAY, MAY 24, 2010

Queen Victoria was born on this day in 1819. Her full name was Alexandrina Victoria. It's a good thing she went by the name Victoria. Queen Alexandrina just doesn't have the same ring too it, does it?

Bonjour Sixteeners. I am writing this from beautiful Quebec City. As I wrote in my last posting, I will be here for a week. It is sunny and warm here. Who could ask for anything more?


The Jays won yesteday, and what a slugfest it was! They overpowered Arizona by a score of 12-4. As pleased as I am with the Blue Jays so far this season, I'm even more impressed with the Tampa Bay Rays. If they keep this up, they are going to be extremely difficult to beat in the AL East.

The Montreal Canadiens face elimination tonight It's certainly going to be interesting. Can they do it? I think it's unlikely. They are behind 3 games to 1, but stranger things have happened. I wouldn't bet on it though. However, I really hope I'm wrong. As I've mentioned before, I would like to see a Montreal-Chicago final. Chicago seems to be a team on a mission. I have to say that those Hawks seem very hungry. My head says they will win it all.

- Joanne

Sunday, May 23, 2010

SUNDAY, MAY 23, 2010


"The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind."

- William Blake
From "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"

This is a long weekend in Canada and I hope you are all enjoying it. I'm off to Quebec City tomorrow to visit relatives. Take note, you Sixteeners out there in cyberspace, I'll be in la ville de Quebec for almost a week and will be updating Number 16 from there. I'm really looking forward to it. Quebec City is a jewel of a city beacuse it's so picturesque and so historic. It is truly the most European city in North America, and the most romantic. I wish I could speak French with proficiency. Truth be told, I struggle with the language. I try my best though.


Yesterday was definitely a bad sports day for me. The Jays lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Why can't they win against National League Teams? Manager Cito Gaston has made it abundantly clear that he dislikes interleague baseball. Cito doesn't want to see his pitchers at bat or running the bases and fears they will be injured. He can't be blamed for feeling that way, but the fact is that interleague play is a realty. The Jays have to deal with it and adjust to it. They're poor record against the NL is holding them back and hurting their changes of campeting in post-season play.

In yrsterday's game, starting pitcher Dana Eveland struggled again and had to be taken out of the game early. Eveland has been struggling lately. Something's got to give with the starting rotation.

The Montreal Canadiens played a disappointing game yesterday. They are now down 3 games to 1 to the Philadelphia Flyers and chances for a Montreal-Chicago final are looking more and more remote. It's going to be extremely difficult for the Habs to dig themselves out of the hole they're in. It's not impossible, but highly improbable. The fat lady is starting to move in on them.

- Joanne

Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Events in the Year 1927

FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2010

On this day in 1927, Charles Lindbergh touched down in Paris after completing the world's first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. 1927 was quite a year in many ways, and it was a stellar year for the Bambino. Baseball fans know that Babe Ruth smashed his 60th home run that year. Boxing fans know that the famous "long count" heavyweight championship fight between Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey took place in Chicago on September 22, 1927. Movie buffs know that the first full-length talking film, "The Jazz Singer", starring Al Jolson, premiered in New York City in October of 1927. "The Jazz Singer" ushered in a new era in film history and spelled the beginning of the end for silent films.


The Blue Jays lost the second game of their series with Seattle. Now they head to Phoenix for a series with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Well, the fat lady hasn't yet sung for the Montreal Canadiens. She'll have to retreat a little to the background because the Habs defeated the Philadelphia Flyers decisively in the third game of their series. Montreal is still behind 2 games to 1, but things are starting to get really interesting . . .

- Joanne

Thursday, May 20, 2010

John Stuart Mill and free speech

THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2010

"If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if had the power, would be justified in sliencing mankind."

John Stuart Mill
From "On Liberty"
Today is the birth anniversary of the great British philosopher John Stuart Mill, a passionate advocate of free speech. Mill was born in London, England on this day in 1806. He was the eldest son of the Scottish philosopher James Mill.

John Stuart Mill wrote "The Subjection of Women" in which he likens the legal status of women to the status of slaves and makes a case for equality in marriage and under the law. That was radical thinking for a male living in the 19th century. I must say that Mr. Mill was certainly a man ahead of his time.


Today marks a very significant date in Canadian history. This is the 30th anniversary of the first Quebec referendum. I'll never forget the passions and emotions of that campaign. As a staunch federalist, I remember how worried I was about the situation as I awaited the results on that memorable day in 1980.


Hey, my Blue Jays are on a roll. They are on the road and they won the first game of their series against the Seattle Mariners. The Seattle Mariners aren't exactly a homerun hitting machine, but a W is a W.

Les Canadiens contine their series with the Philadelphia Flyers tonight. They play their first game of the series at home in Montreal. They are behind the proverbial eight ball, down 2-0 in the series. If they don't win tonight, they'll see the fat lady approaching and she'll be preparing to sing.

- Joanne

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jackie, JFK and Marilyn Monroe

MAY 19, 2010

On this day in 1994, former U.S. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died of lymphoma at the age of 64. Here are my reflections on Jackie and her years as First Lady.

If John F. Kennedy was the King Arthur of the Camelot White House, then Jackie was its Queen Guinevere. Of course, like the legend of King Arthur, the Camelot White House was also a myth. It was such a beautiful myth that it was sad to see the bubble burst. Jackie was young, glamourous and sophisticated. Only 31-years-old when she became First Lady, she set the fashion trends of her day. She wore sensational gowns and her trademark pillbox hats. When she accompanied JFK on a visit to Paris, she thoroughly charmed the French with her swan-like gracefulness and poise. Her husband even joked about how she had upstaged him there.

Women of the 1960s admired Jackie and they tried to imitate her. After all, she wore beautiful hairstyles and she was married to a handsome, charasmatic man who just happened to be president of the United States. For that one brief, shining moment, it appeared as if Camelot had come to America. Jackie seemed to have it all -until that dreadful day in Dallas. Most people didnt know that the so-called Camelot of the Kennedys had come crashing down long before the tragic events of November 22, 1963.

In this digital age of journalism, it's hard to believe JFK's ties to the Mafia and his infidelities were kept a secret at the time. There must have been some agreement among the press to keep quiet about the president's escapades. It is inconceivable that the media were oblivious to the goings-on behind the scenes.

One thing I will say about Jackie, she was not a blabbermouth. She never wrote a tell-all book. She never appeared on talk shows to reveal the private details of her years in the White House. Nor did she tell tales about the Onassis family.

Here's the final irony. On this day in 1962, Marilyn Monroe delivered her famous rendition of  "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" at a celebration of JFK's 45th birthday in New York. Yes, Jackie died on the same date - May 19th.

At the president's Madison Square Garden birthday party, actor Peter Lawford, JFK's brother-in-law at the time, introduced Marilyn to those in attendance , as "the late Marilyn Monroe." Lawford obviously meant "late" as in tardy, but Marilyn was found dead in August of 1962. How eerie!

To view a a video of Marilyn's rendition of Happy Birthday, Mr. President, click on the link below.


The Blue Jays are hot. They defeated Minnesota handily in the second game of their two-game series. They start a road trip now.

There is no joy in Montreal. The Habs lost again to Philadelphia. Montreal did not even score a goal and the final score was 3-0. The Canadiens have not yet put the puck in the net in this series.

- Joanne

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Leadership

TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2010


"Leadership has a moral dimension that power does not. Power is manipulative. It is the exploitation of other people's motives in order to realize the power holder's objectives. The real leader relates to the genuine wants and needs and aspirations of his followeres rather that manipulating them for his own ends."

- James McGregor Burns
From "Leadership"

I've been thinking about that quote and about leaders. It seems to me we have a definite lack of political leadership in Canada today - at least in the realm of politics. I'm not saying we don't have any hard working and dedicated politcians. I'm merely saying that I can't think of any living Canadian politican who greatly inspires me. I can't think of any Canadian politician today who will go down in history as a great Canadian. Where are the Macdonalds and Lauriers and Pearsons? Where have you gone Nellie McClung, Pierre Trudreau and Tommy Douglas? One may not have always agreed with them, but at least they showed leadership. They made Canadians think and reflect and debate. Our current crop of political leaders appears to be too busy sniping at each other and putting partisanship before the good of the country.

Fortunately, outside of politics, we do have some leadership. We have Canadians such as Craig Kielburger and David Suzuki who are inspiring, who are displaying leadership. I would like to seem someone fill the political vacuum.


On this day in 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted in the state of Washington. This is the 30th anniversary of that disaster in which 57 people lost their lives and thousands of animals died. Now we have a volcano in Iceland that is causing havoc by disrupting air travel.


Well, the Montreal Canadiens were beaten badly in the first game of their series with the Philadelphia Flyers. They have a chance to redeem themselves tonight, but they are going to have to play much better if they want to keep their dream alive.

I'm pleased that the Chicageo Blackhawks defeated the San Jose Sharks in the first gamee of that series.

The Blue Jays' winning streak came to an end yesterday with a loss to the Minnesota Twins. I've got to say, the Twins looked good. Former Blue Jay Orlando(Ol Dog) Hudson came back to haunt his old team. Hudson played really well and British Columbia native Justin Marneau hit two home runs. The bad news for the Jays is that Travis Snider is injured and on the 15-day DL. He was starting to play really well too. I hope this isn't a bad set back for the 22-year-old native of the Seattle area.

- Joanne

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2010


"Time heals griefs and quarrels for we change and are no longer the same persons. Neither the offender nor the offended are any more themselves."

- Blaise Pascal

I hope you are enjoying the weekend ... and as you are well aware, next weekend is a long one in Canada.

On a personal note, this is quite a time for me. Friday was my last day at my long-time job as a researcher at a newspaper ibrary. I took a voluntary buyout and I am moving on. It's a big change and a new life.


The Blue Jays have won the first two games of their series against the Texas Rangers. Way to go! Ricky Romero pitched a great game yesterday. He's looking like a real gem. I was also impressed by Casey Jansen on Friday. By the way, I was at at the dome on Friday night. It wasn't exactly the greatest night for pitchers. However, it was a fun game. Unfortunately, at least from my pespective, the roof was open. Now, don't get me wrong. I much prefer watching baseball in the open air - when the weather is warm enough. I would not want a dome stadium that did not have a retractable roof. Friday night, howeever, was just too cool and windy to open the roof. I realize you can't please all the fans, but I think thay made the wrong call on Friday. It may have been fine to open it during the afternoon, but the strong wind made it quite chilly once the sun went down.

So, we are down to the third round of the NHL playoffs. The stage is set. Montreal plays Philadelphia and Chicago takes on San Jose. I do not like the Philadelphia Flyers because I was never a fan of the Broad Steet Bullies. Furthermore, I always associate Bobby Clarke with the Flyers. He was such a dirty player. I remember Clarke's infamous slash on Russian superstar Valeri Kharlamov during the 1972 Canada-Soviet summit series. In 2002, during the 30th anniversary of the super series, Paul Henderson, the hero of the series, criticized Clarke. Henderson described Clarke's slash, which broke Kharlamov's ankle, as "the lowpoint of the series". Bobby Clarke became upset with him and asked him why he didn't say something about it 30 years ago. That's a valid question, but it is beside the point. The point is that Paul was right on the money in his assessment of Bobby Clarke's slash of Kharlamov, and he remained firm in that assessment. Although Henderson said that the last thing he wanted to do was to trash Clarke, hs emphasized that he stood by his opinion "that, in terms of sportsmanship, I don't think there's any place for it then and I don't think there is any place for it there."

As for the San Jose Sharks, I have nothing against them. It's just that San Jose is not exactly a hockey mad city. I want the Stanley Cup to go to a city where hockey matters. That's why I would like to see a Montreal - Chicago final.

- Joanne

Friday, May 14, 2010

FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010


"Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body; it calls attention to an unhealthy state of mind."

- Winston Churchill


Montreal hockey fans are passionate about their team. The vast majority of them are just having a good time, enjoying some very intriguing and exciting playoff hockey. Unfortunately, there is an element of hooliganism in the city of Montreal. There are some yahoos who are hijacking a terrific run by Les Canadiens. These hooligans are besmudging the reputation of a great Canadian city. They don't really care if the Montreal Canadiens win or lose. It is clear that they are using these playoffs as a convenient excuse to loot and vandalize. I sympathize with hardworking small business owners who have seen their stores looted and their shop windows broken. To think that this occurred after the Habs won a series. I shudder to think what will happen if they loose a series or the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final. How disgraceful!

- Joanne

Thursday, May 13, 2010

THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010


"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it."

- Joseph Joubert


On this day in 1981, Pope John Paul II was shot and wounded by an assailant in St. Peter's Square.


Yesterday was a much better sports day for me. The Blue Jays finally won a game against those Boston Red Sox. The Montreal Canadiens were the victors in their series with Pittsburgh Penguins and will go on to the third round of the playoffs. 20,000 people filled the Bell Centre to watch the game on big screens. There is no doubt that hockey matters in Canada's second biggest city. I'd like to see a Stanley Cup showdown between Montreal and the Chicago Blackhawks, two of the so-called "orignial six".

There should be 3 more NHL teams in Canada. It's a crying shame that Winnipeg and Quebec City don't have teams. I'm hoping that eventually that the Phoenix Coyotes return to Winnipeg. Quebec City should also have a team. Bring back the Nordiques. There is the population and the market for another team in Ontario too. However, because of objections from the Leafs and the Sabres, the NHL will probably return to Winnipeg or Quebec City before a new one starts up in Ontario. Unfortunately, the NHL already has too many teams - but would the Florida Panthers really be missed?

- Joanne

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1870: Manitoba joins Confederation



"If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out."

- Oscar Wilde


On this day in 1870 (140 years ago), Manitoba became Canada's fifth province. So congratulations to all Manitobans from a dyed-in-the-wool Torontonian. See, we Torontonians aren't so bad. Give us a break. I even want an NHL team to return to Winnipeg.

I would also like to say that although I have never visited Manitoba, I plan to get there eventually. My goal is to visit all ten provinces and the North. I have already been to eight provinces. The two remaining are Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

And this Torontonian would like to thank the province of Manitoba for giving us The Guess Who and Winnie the Pooh.


Last night was a bad sports night for me. The Blue Jays lost badly to the dreaded Boston Red Sox. They did not play well at all. Then, Roberto and the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Chicago Black Hawks.

- Joanne

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

National Bird for Canada

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010


"Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly may alight upon you."

- Nathaniel Hawthorne


There is a debate right now regarding the choice of a national bird for Canada. Actually, I'm surprised that we don't already have one. Nevertheless, I have decided to weigh into the debate. I think our national bird should be the loon. The loon is hauntingly beautiful and it suits the character of this country. It already appears on our one dollar coin. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has suggested the red-tailed hawk, a bird of prey. The national bird of Canada should not be a predator. The loon is my choice.


How about those Habs? There is joy in Montreal. Les Canadiens have taken Sid the Kid and his Pittsburgh Penguins to a seventh game. These Stanley Cup finals are the most interesting and exciting in years.

My Blue Jays lost to the Boston Red Sox at Fenway last night. The Jays haven't beaten the Red Sox yet this year. That has got to change.

- Joanne

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vernal Bay

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010 - I hope you had a good weekend. Here in Toronto, it has been cold and rainy. However, we are into the merry month of May and it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere. That is why I am going to share a poem I wrote with you. It is very apprpriate for this time of year.

Vernal Bay

We stroll about in the midst of May
Gazing at sailboats in Vernal Bay
Watching them easily glide and sway
In the gusty winds, this fledgling day

Gaggles of geese flock over the bay
Children, they dauntlessly romp away
With joy and mirth, they eagerly play
This Saturday morn, in the month of May

And a tree stands high right near the bay
Where nests the brood of a dour blue jay
Flapping its wings and squawking away
As we stare transfixed this fledgling day

Riding along in the sun’s bright ray
On winding roads, we pedal away
Through many a twisted path we stray
Then stop for a rest along the way

Raising our eyes far above the fray
We watch a kite as it coasts away
Smoothly it lands right by the bay
A large checkered kite of red and gray

It’s warm by now and almost midday
We find a spot in the shade to stay
Spreading our cloth and a silver tray
We then partake of a hearty buffet

Arise, sweet Lazarus, to life we say
As we sip red wine and drink to May
No matter our fate in life’s bouquet
Our journey begins at Vernal Bay

- Joanne Madden


Hey, fellow Blue Jays fans, our team came back in the nineth inning yesterday to defeat the Chicago White Sox. That homer by Fred Lewis did the trick.

The Vancouver Canucks won too. Congratulations to Roberto Luongo, my favourite goalie in the NHL.

- Joanne

Sunday, May 9, 2010

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010 - A Happy Mother's Day to all mothers today, especialy to my own mother - Frances Lima.

Today is the birtday of one of my favourite musicians. Billy Joel was born this day in 1949. Happy Birthday Piano Man.

My beloved Blue Jays lost to the Chicago White Sox last night, breaking a five-game winning streak. The 2010 Jays are a young and upcoming team. I just wish more people would show up at the dome. There are too many fair-weather fans in Toronto. There are also too many people who merely follow the trends. If it's trendy to be seen at a Jays game, you'll seen them there. My friends, these are not true fans. Some of them used the 1994 strike as an excuse to abandon the Jays. That was 1994 - get over it.

Note : If the Jays want to attract more fans, they might consider lowering the cost of concessions. The prices for snacks at the dome are ridiculously expensive. It's highway robbery, pure and simple.

The NHL playoffs are quite interesting this year. Although Montreal lost yesterday, I can't believe the Habs have gone this far. Obviously, Obviously, if they defeat Pittsburgh, it would be a tremendous upset. It would shake things up and break everything wide open.

- Joanne

Photo of Toronto skyline at night

The skyline of Toronto

Saturday, May 8, 2010

About Number 16 - First blog entry

Number 16 is a brand new blog. It is a work in progress. My name is Joanne Madden and I am from Toronto, Canada. I have many interests and in the days to come, I hope to share them with you. For starters :

* I enjoy trivia and quotations.

* I enjoy sports, espeically baseball and hockey. I am a Toronto Blue Jays fan.

That`s all for today. More to come in the days to come.

- Joanne