Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Regular readers will notice that Number 16 has been redesigned. I have tried to give it a fresh look and more vitality. My hope is that you find the new design bright, lively, and above all, easy on the eye. Number 16 has also introduced a new feature. I will be polling you on various topics and on your preferences. The first poll appears on the right side of your screen and its subject is musical taste. As always, your feedback is most welcome and strongly encouraged. I would also like to point out that this blog now has a search box. If you are wondering what I have written on any topic, you can find out easily.


Are there some words and expressions that especially annoy you? Do you cringe when you hear them? Would you like them banished from the English language? You're not alone. Here are a few words and expressions that annoy me. They are used far too often and as fillers in speech.

"Like I said" is an expression I would banish. In addition to being used far too often, especially by athletes, it is incorrect. The correct expression is "As I said."

A word I would banish is "hopefully" - but only when it is used in place of "I hope." Unfortunately, I will never get my wish. It has entered the language and some people use it incessantly and in every second sentence. "Hopefully" is an adjective and should only be used to mean "with hope" (e.g. I looked at him hopefully as he handed me the results of my test). Yes, language is constantly evolving, but there should be boundaries and limitations or else words lose their meaning.

If there are any words or expressions that annoy you, write me about it and I will publish your thoughts on my blog.


The Blue Jays began began a series with the Boston Red Sox last night. They lost by a score of 7-5. Starting pitcher Ricky Romero was not at his best, but he left the game when the score was tied 5-5. Reliever Shawn Camp could not hold back the Red Sox. When closer Jonathan Papelbon stepped on to the mound, it was game over. He is a fantastic closer. His performance made me more convinced than ever that the Jays should really focus on acquiring a good closer. They need to find the type of closer that they could send confidently to the mound in a playoff series. Kevin Gregg does not fit that description.

There's quite a fiasco going on in Hamilton over the location of the new stadium. Bob Young, owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is threatening to move the team to Quebec City. Hamilton's mayor, Fred Eisenberger, and its city council favour a downtown east harbour site, a much more central location than Tiger-Cats and their owner prefer.

I agree with the mayor. I favour a downtown or central location for large sports facilities. The alternative usually results in urban sprawl. A downtown stadium can revitalize the city's core.

As for a team in Queabec City, I hope it happens some day. The Canadian Football League needs another team in the East Division - but not at the expense of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Tiger-Cats belong in Hamilton.

- Joanne