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Regular readers of Number 16 know that I enjoy trivia about old television shows. I have many sources of reference and I would be happy to answer your questions on old and current American, British and Canadian television shows. Just email me at
or post a comment or question in the box at the bottom of this page..

If you are a hard core television fan and you want to engage in some banter with me about your favourite television shows, read about my television website below.

TV Banter . . .with Joanne Madden

So, you think you know your TV trivia and you want to do a TV quiz. You enjoy reading about television personalities or would like to see a list of the fictional addresses of television families or characters.  Then go to my television website, TV Banter. . .with Joanne Madden.  You can find it at

- Joanne

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  1. I love That Girl ! She's reminds me of today's Kelly Ripa both very funny 💞. Love the clothing of the 70's and some of the mid century decor. Enjoy the re-runs if you can.