Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Stars on Canadian Walk of Fame are in a sad state

I dined at a restaurant on King Street W. in Toronto this past Monday and I walked by Roy Tomson Hall.  When I viewed the stars on the Canadian Walk of Fame, I couldn't help but notice that they have fall into disrepair.  Some have been defaced.  Some are so faded that they are illegible.  I also noticed a couple of blocks that have sunk.  It's really quite disappointing to see what has happened to such special recognition of our country's talent.  Isn't there a way that the Canadian Walk of Fame can be better maintained?

Here are some picture I have taken because I would like to bring some attention to this matter, although it is an obvious eyesore.  Maybe nothing has been done because of the repair costs and the pandemic.  Still, it doesn't make our city look good.  The stars in worse condition are the ones closest to Roy Tomson Hall.

Here are the photos.

- Joanne