Friday, October 20, 2017

Philippines radio veteran, Hoagy Pardo, writes letter to Corazon Amurao Atienza, survivor of Richard Speck murders

Manila radio legend, Hoagy Pardo, known as "Cousin Hoagy," was one of the first rock DJs on Philipine radio.  He started back in 1970 and has has been a great contributor to the local music scene.  He has a show on JAM 88.3 FM, Manila.

"Cousin Hoagy" emailed me a copy of a Facebook letter he has written to  Corazon Amurao Atienza, the only survivor of the 1966 Richard Speck murders in Chicago.  I am posting the letter because I want to share it with readers.  I wish to express my admiration for Corazon and for Hoagy Pardo.  Best wishes to both of them.

- Joanne

20 Oct 2017
Mandaluyong, WackWack Brgy.

Dear Corazon,

You know, I have been watching a NETFLIX TV show here on a show about the FBI and profiling killers....The one, Richard Speck, was featured in an episode and I thought of you and how they never said a word on your name, ethnicity except being a Nurse. GOOD for you.

I was 20 years old in 1966 and in college at De La Salle.

Wherever you are, I hope you are well.  Such an experience is what movies are made of and it was TRUE.

I have lived half my life in Manila part in Sprinfield, Va. even....Then back and forth till now, 71, that's it....LOLO time.  4 here sa Filipinas and 1 in Connecticut.

I am still working, a lifetime job, as FM radio announcer at JAM 88.3 fm where I play the Blue, Rock, Jazz Soul and ALL Pinoy at Midnight...rock, blues, jazz that is NOT played on regular channels.  Google me C. H. Pardo. My radio name is Cousin Hoagy.

You are a brave Filipina and deserve everything for LIVING and trying to move on......

I hope to meet you one day..Sincerely,
Hoagy Pardo

Cousin Hoagy
Rock and Roll Machine 

Here is a video about Hoagy Pardo.:

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