Friday, December 23, 2022

Hey, Rsss Atkins: The Blue Jays still don't have starting pitching depth

Ross Atkins

The Toronto Blue Jays needed a hard-hitting, left-handed batter.  I've just heard the news that the team has acquired slugger Daulton Varsho from the Arizona Diamondbacks.  That's all well and good, but I fear they may have paid too high a price.  In return for Varsho, an outfielder who has the ability to play catcher, the Jays sent top prospect Moreno to Arizona, along with outfielder Lourdes Guerriel, Jr.   No one knows how good Moreno, a catcher, will turn out to be, but he could be a real star.   It's unfortunate that the Jays did not acquire a starting pitcher in the deal.

Hey Ross Atkins, you must realize how little depth you have in starting pitching.  You have Alex Manoah, Ken Gausman, José Barrios and Chris Bassitt.  But who is the fifth starter.  Are you going to trot out Mitch White or Yusei Kikuchi?  Hyun-Jin Ryu?  Ryu has undergone Tommy John surgery and no one know if he will ever be able to pitch well again.  Mitch White hasn't been able to do the job.  Kikuchi is only effective for a few innings.  He is more suited to the bullpen.  I realize the Jays want to win now, but they need more pitching in order to win regular season games and to contend in post[season play.

Without a decent fifth starter, the Jays will wear out their bullpen.  What will happen if one of the four starters gets injured?  That's a virtual certainty over a long 162-game season.  The Jays are still really thin on starting pitching.  It could be disastrous.

Yes, Atkins has filled a void by acquiring a left-handed outfield slugger.  But what about a fifth starter? That is what is really need.  I'm sure you're well aware of the old adage, Ross.  You can never have enough pitching.  It's too bad you couldn't find a way to keep Ross Stripling.

Atkins has made some moves.  There's still time to get some more pitching.  

- Joanne

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