Sunday, November 6, 2022

New novel by Joanne Madden: The Missing Reporter

I am pleased to announce that my second novel, The Missing Reporter, has been published.  The Missing Reporter is a story of intrigue and suspense, set in 1989.  What happened to TV crime reporter Sandra McKay?  Why did she suddenly vanish after starting a new job?  Is her disappearance linked to the death of prominent dental surgeon Lawrence Somerville., whose brother works for a mob boss?  Intrepid private detective Norm Trapper is on the case and he is looking for answers.

If you are interested in reading The Missing Reporter, it is available in softcover print form on Amazon.

Here is the link to Amazon Canada (

The Missing Reporter : Madden, Joanne: Books

It is also available in the United States on in the United Kingdom in Australia

It is also available in print from Barnes and Noble.

and Book Depository


The Missing Reporter is available in ebook form and print form at 

Indigo Chapters


ebook form


- Joanne

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