Saturday, November 18, 2023

Bye Bye, Twitter! No Antisemitism for me


I have disassociated myself from Twitter,  (I refuse to call it "X.")  I have had a Twitter account for many years.  When I worked in the library of the Toronto Star, our staff attended a seminar about Social Media.2.0, which included Twitter.  Twitter was very new at the time and we were asked to open an account on it.  I can not in good conscience continue writing messages on this platform, nor read it.

I am not a fan of Elon Musk.  He spent $44 billion to acquire Twitter and he has run it down to the ground.  Advertisers are fleeing after Musk agreed with a tweet accusing Jewish people of "hatred against whites."  I was not pleased when Musk change the name of the platform to "X" and allowed Donald Trump to once again spew his hatred and lies on the social medium.  

When I saw how Twitter was becoming a forum for hate messages, I unsuccessfully attempted to remove my account from Twitter.  I wrote a final message saying that I was through with Twitter as long as Musk owned it.  I have not tweeted anything since. 

We now know, without a doubt, that Musk stands with the supporters of Trump.  He stands with the far right.  His endorsement of Antisemitism sickens me.  I would feel the same way if he had endorsed Islamophobia, anti-Black or Asian sentiment or any other form of hatred.  Hatred is hatred, no matter the target.  It is not a legitimate expression of free speech.  It should not be tolerated.

It's a shame that Elon Musk's $44 million wasn't spent on alleviating poverty or illness.

- Joanne

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