Saturday, July 22, 2023

Justin Trudeau swarmed by protesters in Belleville - What has happened to civility in politics?

What has happened to civility?  Sadly, it appears that Trumpism and right-wing Republicanism is seeping into Canada.  On July 20th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was swarmed by dozens of  protesters in Belleville, Ontario.  Trudeau was visiting the city to mark the seventh anniversary of the Liberal government's Child Care Benefit, to meet with Mayor Neil Ellis, and to spend  some time at a farmers' market.  He was also to meet about 10 vendors, but the event had to be cut short.

Protesters turned up at the market outside of City Hall as Trudeau met with community members and posed for selfies.  They prevented the PM from making his way to the other side of the public square.  It is no surprise that some of the unruly protesters were holding Trump flags, while others were shouting obscenities about the government and the media.  Whatever happened to respect for the office of prime minister?

Let me be clear.  Citizens have every right to protest peacefully, and they certainly do not have to agree with the polices of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.  If they don't like his policies. they do not have to support him or his party.  They can express their opinion through peaceful protests, petitions and at the ballot box. Canada is a democracy, they can vote him out of office at the next election.  

I am not picking on moderate conservatives.  I am criticizing the far right.  These kinds of protesters, as well as those of the so-called "freedom convoy" that caused havoc in Ottawa, are behaving like MAGA Trumpers.  They are sewing the seeds of hatred and this country.  For them, those who disagree with their politics are "the enemy," not their opponents.  They do not want to find common ground with their "enemy" for the sake of the country.  They only want to dig up dirt on their opponents and call them names.

Trumpism is a fast-spreading cancer on the body politic.  It is metastatic 

- Joanne

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