Friday, December 28, 2018

Movie Cars Quiz

Are you are a film and TV buff  or a car expert, or both.  If so, here is quiz for you.  Leasing Options has created a test in which 24 famous cars from movie have been hidden in the cityscape below.  In addition to the cars, some cool movie-themed Easter eggs have been included.  You really have to know your films and cars to identify them all.  Enjoy the challenge!

- Joanne


1.   ECTO- 1  Ghostbusters
2.  Delorean Time Machine   Back to the Future
5.  The Tumbler The Dark Knight Trilogy
6.  The Batmobile (Original TV Series)
7.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
8.  Spinner  Blade Runner
9  1970 Dodge Charger  The Fast and the Furious
10  1996 Ford Convertible  Thelma and Louise
11.  Lightning McQueen  Cars and sequels
12.  1977 Pontiac Trans Am   Smokey and the Bandit
13.  The Bluesmobile  The Blues Brothers
14.  Minis  The Italian Job
15.  Mutt Cuttis  Dumb and Dumber
16.   1973 Ford Gran Torino  The Big Lebowski
17.  1968 Ford Mustang GT   Bullitt
18.  The North Mobile  Wayne’s World
19.  Herbie   The Love Bug
20.  The General Lee  Dukes of Hazard
21.  1992 Ford Explorer XLT   Jurassic Park
22.  1961 Ferrari  250GT  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
23.  The Pursuit Special   Mad Max
24.  Volkswagon Bus 12  Little Miss Sunshine

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