Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Is there anything wrong with going to the movies alone?

While listening to a radio talk show recently, I came upon a discussion about going to the movies alone. The show's host thought that going to the cinema by oneself was weird and gauche.  His attitude was that only losers view a film alone because they have no significant other and nary a friend or family member to accompany them.  He was challenged by a guest speaker who argued that there was nothing wrong with going to a movie theatre alone.  He said he did it himself.  His opinion was that it didn't matter anyway because the theatre is dark.  No one notices you.  Meanwhile, the host countered with the argument that if you attend a movie alone, you don't have anyone to discuss the film with afterwards.

Yours truly is a cinephile, so the conversation piqued my interest.  I was especially interested because I sometimes view films on my own.  My view is that there is nothing wrong with going to a movie alone  It doesn't mean that you are a friendless loser. There are occasions when you really feel like seeing a particular film but all your friends and family members are occupied with work or other obligations.  You are then left with the choice of staying home or watching the film by yourself.  What is so wrong about the second choice?

Perhaps you've  made plans to see a film with someone and he or she suddenly falls ill. It's quite difficult to find another person to go with you on such short notice.  What if you really want to see that film and it's only playing for a limited time?  Why should you relinquish  the opportunity to see it simply because you can't find anyone to accompany you to the cinema..

Then there are times when you can't find anyone among your companions who shares an interest in a film that appeals to you.  What do you do then?  Do you just forget about seeing that movie when you have the option of viewing it by yourself?

Why must a person need a reason or an excuse to see a movie alone? Why must there be a stigma attached to doing so?  It's not shameful and it shouldn't be embarrassing.  So what if encounter someone you know while entering or exiting a theatre by yourself!  Big deal!  It's certainly not a crime and it's not weird. There may even be times when you truly feel like going solo to the movies. What's wrong with that?  If you wish to discuss the film you can still have a conversation with someone about it later. My advice is to just sit back and enjoy the show.  Oh, and don't forget to turn off your cell phone.

- Joanne

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