Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Photos from the last day of the Pan Am Games in Toronto

Torontonians are not known for giving themselves a pat on the back.  We have a reputation for being highly critical of ourselves and quick to find fault with our city.  We can hardly believe it when we do something well.  Therefore, it was somewhat of a shock to us that the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games turned out to be such a success.  We were fine hosts, if I do say so myself.

Last Sunday afternoon, on the last day of the games, I strolled around City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square, enjoying the beautiful summer weather and all that sunshine.  I saw the "TORONTO" sign and listened to some steel band music (By the way, I think the "TORONTO" sign should remain.  It is lively and colourful.  It has the potential be a great landmark for the city).  Oh yes, and just so you won't think I'm only focused on Toronto, I must say that Hamilton and other locations in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe deserve congratulations for their efforts.  

Here are some photos from Sunday afternoon.  I hope you enjoy them.

Toronto's City Hall and Nathan Phillip's Square

Old City Hall, which is now a courthouse

- Joanne

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