Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Facebook denies us choice

This morning, I checked my Facebook account and discovered a message welcoming me to my Timeline-Preview.  Am I ever lucky!  I will be on Timeline on September 4, 2012 - whether I like it or not.  Do I get a say in the matter?  Do I get a choice?  No way, Jose!

Some people enjoy Timeline and that's fine.  I prefer to be more private.  I do not want every biographical detail of my life available online, especially since identity theft is so rampant. Even without the privacy factor, I still resent the fact that Facebook is not giving its users a choice.  I'm sure many people share the same opinion.

This is the message I and countless others received on Facebook.

Welcome to Your Timeline — Preview
Timeline is your collection of the photos, posts and experiences that help tell your story. People won't start seeing your timeline until September 4. This gives you a chance to:
1. Review what's on your timeline now.
2. Add or hide whatever you want.
Want people to see your timeline before September 4? Just click Publish Now. 

I am finding Facebook increasingly dictatorial and intrusive.

- Joanne

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