Monday, May 10, 2010

Vernal Bay

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010 - I hope you had a good weekend. Here in Toronto, it has been cold and rainy. However, we are into the merry month of May and it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere. That is why I am going to share a poem I wrote with you. It is very apprpriate for this time of year.

Vernal Bay

We stroll about in the midst of May
Gazing at sailboats in Vernal Bay
Watching them easily glide and sway
In the gusty winds, this fledgling day

Gaggles of geese flock over the bay
Children, they dauntlessly romp away
With joy and mirth, they eagerly play
This Saturday morn, in the month of May

And a tree stands high right near the bay
Where nests the brood of a dour blue jay
Flapping its wings and squawking away
As we stare transfixed this fledgling day

Riding along in the sun’s bright ray
On winding roads, we pedal away
Through many a twisted path we stray
Then stop for a rest along the way

Raising our eyes far above the fray
We watch a kite as it coasts away
Smoothly it lands right by the bay
A large checkered kite of red and gray

It’s warm by now and almost midday
We find a spot in the shade to stay
Spreading our cloth and a silver tray
We then partake of a hearty buffet

Arise, sweet Lazarus, to life we say
As we sip red wine and drink to May
No matter our fate in life’s bouquet
Our journey begins at Vernal Bay

- Joanne Madden


Hey, fellow Blue Jays fans, our team came back in the nineth inning yesterday to defeat the Chicago White Sox. That homer by Fred Lewis did the trick.

The Vancouver Canucks won too. Congratulations to Roberto Luongo, my favourite goalie in the NHL.

- Joanne

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